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"To ensure that the Hawkeye Loft Management System™" will remain
the software of choice for racing pigeon fanciers around the world

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Upgrade to Hawkeye 8 for $10

Hawkeye 2007 and earlier are no longer supported. Supporting older versions of Hawkeye is becoming difficult, therefore we offer a $10 upgrade price for Hawkeye Professional users not yet using version 8.  This offer will remain in effect until further notice.  Only Hawkeye v8 Professional will be supported through the web site - Use the forum for support on older versions.

Hawkeye 8 Release Notice

New UpdateHawkeye Loft management System Version 8 has been released!  This version comes with a new easy to use interface that makes navigation through the system a breeze.  The Database Engine of this version is far superior to that of Hawkeye 2007 and deliver significant performance improvements.  Users can now import the Winspeed merge file data, produced by the Club Race Secretary for the members - No need to enter any clocking information at Loft and Club level.

IMPORTANT: Hawkeye v8 will only migrate data from the latest version of Hawkeye 2007.  If not done yet, download and install the latest version now.  If uncertain if the latest is installed, be safe and just download and install it again.


Current Version: Hawkeye 8

Hawkeye Loft management System 8 Professional is the most feature rich version of our racing pigeon software yet.

Hawkeye Racing Pigeon Software Use Hawkeye Loft Management System to manage your racing pigeon loft. Our pigeon software is used by top pigeon fanciers around the world.

Hawkeye Runs on all Windows versions starting from Windows XP, as well as Linux and Apple OS/X when using CodeWeavers' Crossover Office. or VMWare

Hawkeye is state of the art racing pigeon software, making use of menus, speed buttons, and wizards. Software development commenced in 1990 with the first version released to the public in 1992. Always looking to enhance the product, Comproware continually tests and improves new features with feedback from the racing pigeon community, in conjunction with the latest in IT technology.

Use this download link to download a trial version of the program. Once you decide to purchase the program to manage your racing pigeons, you can use this purchase link to purchase your copy of the program.

Read more: Hawkeye Professional

Hawkeye Lite Free!The most popular Racing Pigeon Software ever is now FREE!  The Hawkeye Loft Management System, are now available as a Lite version.  To celebrate the launch of our Lite version, we're pleased to offer this release to everyone at no cost.  For a limited time anyone who download and register for their free Hawkeye Loft Management System Lite, can use it for free indefinitely.  Just download the current Hawkeye 2007 Professional and install it.  You can continue to use the Professional features for 3 weeks and then unlock the Lite features with a free KEY. Get your free Hawkeye Lite KEY here.

Note: You have to be logged in to see the FREE Lite KEY option.  If you do not have a login account, just register - it's FREE.

If you are in the market for Loft Management Software - Here are some things to consider:

  • Never purchase software where the supplier does not provide a TRY before you BUY option.
  • Some websites will provide all kinds of pretty pictures and a very appealing sales pitch - ensure you always download and test the software before paying for it.  Eg: Fake pictures of iPhones, iPads and Tablets does not necessary mean it runs on those devices.  Only by using the software will you know whether it suits your requirements and ease of use.
  • If you can't figure out how to use the software within the first few minutes, move on to the next.
  • If using the software frustrates you within the first few minutes, chances are that it will continue to do so - move on to the next.
  • Look at the different software solutions first, do not impulsively buy, even if you feel convinced that this is the software for you.  Just use Google to search for "Pigeon Software" and you will find many other options.
  • Make up your own mind.  People may recommend to you what they have found to be a good solution, however, it's your money - follow these steps above regardless.
  • In conclusion - good luck and may you find the Loft Management system that suites your requirements!



I first used Hawkeye Loft Management System early in 2003, I had used various other Management Systems, but they all seemed to be inflexible or difficult to use. I have found Hawkeye to be user-friendly and very flexible, and their back-up system unbeatable. I only use Hawkeye now.

Dave Bell

... I can assure you that I do not give accolades lightly. However I personally wish to congratulate you on creating the most exceptional loft management program available anywhere on this planet (or any other planet for that matter) today regardless of price! .... "

Silvio Mattacchione

... I have been a client & user of Hawkeye for more then 5 years. During this time my biggest issue was having to hand type my race results into Hawkeye. With the new Hawkeye, version 8, I just merge my Winnspeed results into the program in less then 2 minutes. I have merged all of my 50 plus birds and 8 race results for 2013 into Hawkeye8 in less then 15 minutes and can now run the reports to see what birds did the best for me. It is nice to have a supplier that listens to their clients... "

Kevin Horrocks


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