Hawkeye Loft Management System

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Hawkeye Reporting System

Also included in this powerful application is a fully Windows compatible reporting system. There are many Reports available, see image on the right. All reports can be exported in numerous formats (depending on your revision) such as HTML, RTF, PDF, JPEG, etc. Click on "Preview Sample" to view some sample reports listed below:

  • Pedigree - 5 Generations  [ Preview Sample ]
  • Pedigree - 4 Generations  [ Preview Sample ]
  • Color Pedigree - 3 Generations
  • Color Pedigree - 5 Generations
  • Pedigree Hereditary Report  [ Preview Sample ]
  • Pigeon Summary
  • Race Station List
  • Racing Results by Station or Bird
  • Progeny
  • Performance
  • Race Entry Form
  • Year Planner Planning Report  [ Preview Sample ]
  • ......and more.