Hawkeye Loft Management System

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Hawkeye System Configuration Utility

Hawkeye gives you complete control over how the program should work. You can configure Hawkeye's powerful features to meet your needs.

    A selection of things you can configure are:
  • Add, delete or modify bird statuses;
  • Configure a band style to suit your needs
  • Select which of the following item to display on some reports:
    • Your address;
    • Your telephone number;
    • Your fax number;
    • Your email address;
    • Your website address.
  • Select your unit of measurement.
  • Longitude and Latitude of your loft used for distance calculations
  • The Band style can be configured to display any way you like
  • Configure Race Entry sheet data for static Race Entry Sheets
  • Configure how Hawkeye needs to fill in your own Microsoft Excel Race Entry sheet
  • and more.....